Demo Reels

"Do it Anyway" - Ben Folds Five Storyboard Animatic from Sylvia T. Stuart on Vimeo.

Here is the animatic of the storyboards I made for "Do it Anyway," a music video starring Fraggle Rock and Ben Folds Five. The ultimate music video can be found here.

20120920 WIP Storyboards from Sylvia T. Stuart on Vimeo.

I have several in-progress storyboards I work on in my spare time. Here is the current iteration:

These are two sample Flash animatics I produced for Big Bad Tomato and Scholastic's Study Jams project.

My senior thesis was a minute and thirty second trailer for my published comic book, Wish³. I utilized 2D animation techniques with 3D backgrounds built in Maya for the overall look. The drawing style is a mix of Japanese animation and American comic books and has been received with positive feedback from my fans. The basic premise of the story is a boy who received three wishes upon his eighteenth birthday. Unfortunately, after the third wish he will go insane, die, or both… and he's already used two wishes. Now with the ability to travel through time, he will search for a way to survive the curse.

My design method was the usual animation production schedule with some elements of the Japanese animation production pipeline. My first steps were developing the story and testing the premise out on the public. I had, at the time, finished eleven issues of a successful comic published on the internet and have ten issues published so I have quite a bit of material to draw from. My concept designs for the project, however, were simplified for animation. I recorded voice talent, working with them to produce the right emotions for the animation.

For the 2D animation, I drew the frames by hand with black pencil, then scanned them into Photoshop for coloring. Once done, I inserted the frames into a working animatic in AfterEffects. With help from classmates, I modeled objects in Maya and matched them to the animated 2D frames.

For Christmas 2007, my fiance Mark Garabedian and I decided to created a digital Christmas "card" utilizing AfterEffects and watercolor paintings. I painted and animated, while he wrote and read the poem.